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Moongates Guardian - Eternal Legend (Digipack)

Moongates Guardian - Eternal Legend (Digipack)

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01. Back To Middle-Earth (Preludium) 
02. Lament For Theoden
03. Wolven Blood 
04. Boromir's Riddle 
05. Isildur's Curse 
06. The Fall of Gil-galad 
07. The Riddle Of Strider 
08. Smeagol's Promise 
09. Song In The Orc-tower
10. Malbeth The Seer's Words 
Bonus: Lament For Gandalf (Single)
01. Moria (Preludium)
02. Lament For Gandalf 
03. Children Of The Sea 
GENRE: Epic / Atmospheric Black / Medieval
LABEL: Nymphaea Records / More Hate

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